“Great Day”

Our group of 8 spent a day in Malta and we are so glad we arranged our tour with this service.

David met us in port and we spend the day in his boat exploring caves, swimming and enjoying a day in the sun. The water here is an amazing shade of teal blue – simply beautiful. David was fun and friendly, we learned a lot about the island and the kids were fascinated by the rock formations within the caves. Their favorite part of the day was diving into the water to view a sunken ship that had been placed to create an artificial reef. The kids were amazed at how much they could see in the clear waters. The island of Malta is beautiful and the people were very warm and welcoming. We stopped on Gozo for lunch and got to explore and take pictures. The boat was roomy and fast, we had a fabulous time. If we go back to Malta, I would definitely book with this service again. It was so much better than the big tour ferries packed with passengers listening to recordings. Highly recommend.