Frequently asked questions:

Q: what does a day charter include

A: in the course of a normal day we would leave the Valletta area at 10:00 and cruise north to the tip of Malta to visit a cave that only a boat such as our can go right inside, from here we would cruise across to the island of comino for a visit to Santa Margarita caves and on to the blue lagoon, here we would drop anchor and enjoy the crystal clear waters of the lagoon, for lunch we would either cruise up to Xlendi or make a stop in Mgarr Xini in Gozo where you can choose from a full lunch or a quick bite to eat on the move, the afternoon is spent exploring tranquil bays and swimming before cruising back to Valletta reaching there via St Paul’s island, we are normally are back in Valletta at around 17:00.

Q: We are arriving by cruise liner, can you pick us up?

A: Yes we can pick you up from our collection on water point next to the cruise liner berth.

Q: how much does it cost

A: the base cost for a day is 460 euro which includes up to 7 persons, larger boats with the capacity of over and above the 7 are available at the rate of 520 euro up to 10 persons.

Q: is the fuel cost included

A: The standard day and half day charter the fuel is included.

Q: what about the weather

A: we can only estimate and predict the weather whilst gauging what’s going on a few days before, we will advise and contact you a few days before you booking and let you know if there is something brewing or the weather in expected to be rough,sometimes if the wind is strong and sea the sea a bit lively we might suggest a southern cruise, it depends on the day, but we will do our best but remember its safety first so our judgment and the captains knowledge and experience counts.

Q: is this trip safe for children

A: yes we are family based and driven for fun for all the family, you will find you skipper a great help with the children whilst swimming whilst keeping a watchful eye over all the guests and the surroundings.

Q: what about insurance

A: we are fully licensed as a commercial vessel by the local authorities and fully insured.

Q: what about bespoke options

A: email us or give us a call to discuss your plans and we will do our best to accommodate you, we have in the past catered for hen cruises, stag trips, weddings, corporate events, VIP’s and children parties, we have featured in a TV series and hold many years experience in the hospitality industry.

Q: how do you compare with other excursions offered such a power boat rides and trips to the blue lagoon.

A: we don’t compare, we are private, you do not share the boat with others, you spend the whole day with a fully experienced captain whom has spent years on the sea, we cruise along and arrive in style, with us we can just pick up the anchor if we decide and go somewhere else.

Q: your slogan says “Its just a great day out” is it?

A: when guests from the previous year re-book, there friends and relations book months in advance to reserve the best days the answer would of course be yes, don’t take our word for it though, you decide!
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